8 Not So Obvious Signs She Likes You But Is Playing Hard To Get

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4. Her behavior on social media
If you’ve been asking yourself whether a girl really doesn’t want to be with you or if she is just playing hard to get, you need to pay close attention to her behavior on social media. First of all, she will never be the first one to send you a friend request. And even when you make this move, she will probably leave you hanging for a couple of days. But eventually, she will accept your friend request and she will follow you on social media as well. Although this girl will never tell you her feelings out loud, she might post status updates and songs that remind her of you and which are clearly dedicated to you. One of the reasons why she is doing this is because she wants to send you some signals and because she wants you to know that she likes you without her being the one to tell you that. Also, this girl is the first one to look at your Instagram or Snapchat stories and sometimes she talks to you about some of the things you’ve posted on your pages. But she will rarely like your posts and photos. This only shows you that this girl is obviously way interested in your life but she doesn’t want for this to be known and displayed.

5. You keep running into her
When you ask this girl out on a first date, to a concert or to any kind of event, it is possible that she will say “no”. But somehow, when you go there, she is the first person you run into. And the same thing keeps happening to you. You keep running into this girl wherever you go. And you never see her looking bad—you see that she is always doing her best to look great, as if she knows she will see you. Well, the truth is that she couldn’t know for sure that she would run into you but she definitely hopes that this will happen. This girl doesn’t want to go out with you because that would be a clear sign she likes you but at the same time, she can’t resist the urge to see you and she wants to be seen by you. So she makes sure to go to the places she could run into you accidentally. This way, she is spending time with you without ever agreeing to go out on a date with you or something similar.

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