Pretending That You Are Heartless Won’t Protect Your Heart

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For as long as you can remember, different people have been causing you harm. They’ve been hurting you in unthinkable ways.

These people, and especially men in your life, managed to break your heart numerous times and they managed to break you.

They tried very hard to destroy you completely, just because they saw something good in you. They noticed you were a kind and loving person, with a heart which was capable of forgiveness.

And they knew that was something they could never be.

So subconsciously, they saw you as a threat. They saw you as someone they would never become and as an example of how they should be.

And that was something they couldn’t handle.

So they did everything in their power for you to become the same as them.

They wanted to drag you down to their level, to prove to themselves that they could and to try and cure their insecurities.

Although you’ve always been way stronger than you think and although none of these toxic people succeeded in destroying you completely, they did change you.

They did cause you to build high and thick walls around yourself, to put on a mask of this tough girl who can’t get hurt.

They did cause you to pretend to be a person who doesn’t get affected easily, even though you are anything but that.

They did cause you to pretend you are self-centered and to pretend you are a person who thinks about her needs only, when you are actually an empath.

They did cause you to try to convince yourself that you don’t have any emotions, when you are actually the most sensitive girl ever.

And most of all, they made you think you’ll protect yourself and your heart if you pretend that you are heartless.

Well, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but the harsh truth is that you won’t.

And the worst part it that it can only be counterproductive. The worst part is that it can cause you more damage and pain than you might think.

The truth is that there doesn’t exist a magic formula which will help you keep your heart safe and which will keep it guarded for good. There doesn’t exist a sure-fire way to avoid a heartbreak.

And this is especially not the way to do it.

First of all, shutting down your emotions and pretending you don’t have them won’t make these feelings go away. Instead, these emotions will just pile up deep inside of you and they will come up to the surface sooner or later and that is the last thing you want to happen.

You can’t keep your feelings bottled up forever. As much as this is exactly what you are trying to avoid, these emotions you don’t face and handle on time will explode right in your face, when you least expect it.

Besides, acting heartless and keeping everyone out won’t keep your heart from being broken.

It won’t make you pain-resistant and it won’t make your emotions magically disappear.

Just because you pretend something or someone hasn’t hurt you it doesn’t make your emotional pain smaller and it doesn’t make it easier to handle. And it definitely doesn’t make it go away.

Yes, the people around you will probably think that you are this tough girl they can’t hurt.

But you’ll know the real truth, won’t you? Deep down, you’ll feel the pain you are trying to hide.

So what’s the point of hiding it in the first place? Are these people so important to you that you care about their opinions more than you care about your feelings?

The point is that you can’t control your heart, as much as you’d like to. It will love whoever it wants to love, despite all of your efforts and despite you trying to fight it.

The only thing that acting in this way will do is to keep other, valuable people out.

Yes, there is a possibility that you’ll chase toxic people from your life if you act like this.

But have you ever thought that the people who actually deserve a place in your life will run away from you, thinking that you are really like this?